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Introducing Locks by Coinapult. Gold, silver, USD, EUR, and GBP backed bitcoin wallets [AMA]

Coinapult fixes 'Bitcoin's Biggest Problem' Enables users to stabilize digital wallet value with Locks™
Panama City, Panama – Coinapult announced today the launch of its new Bitcoin wallet service featuring Locks,™ a tool which enables users to avoid Bitcoin volatility.
Coinapult's wallet offers the following Unique Features:
Coinapult's Wallet services are fully secured with cold storage facilities and enterprise-grade encryption. The new Locks™ system is available immediately for individuals and businesses. Visit to try it out.
About Coinapult Panama-based Coinapult makes Bitcoin easier to access for both consumers and businesses. Coinapult was the first service for sending bitcoin via SMS and email, and has been one of the longest-operating Bitcoin sites. With its new easy-to-use wallet and Locks™ technology, the company continues to pioneer unique tools that expand the functionality of Bitcoin for the benefit of the whole community. Coinapult strongly believes in the power of Bitcoin to empower consumers and establish a new era of financial inclusion.
Quote: CEO Ira Miller 'Bitcoin is the great equalizer, and Coinapult's Locks™ service finally enables the stability people expect. This makes Bitcoin usable by an entirely new group of people around the world'
Locks Explainer Video:
Try it now (email address required):
We will monitor this thread and happily answer any question about Coinapult or the Locks service.
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[uncensored-r/btc] How the Tether (USDT) distribution system works. Bitcoin/DASH, Coinapult, Cryptocapital, Bitifnex...

The following post by geekmonk is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: btc/comments/7ljmik
The original post's content was as follows:
Full article:
The article is somehow badly written, so here is a short summary:
CryptoCapital - Panamanian Financial services company (launched by HAVELOCKINVESTMENTS) claiming to be a bank and licensed crypto exchange (the author has proof both are false).
HAVELOCKINVESTMENTS - Announced partnership between Coinapult and Cryptocapital
Coinapult and Cryptocapital are connected through Ira Miller (ex-CEO of Coinapult, also developed Cryptocapital's internal tech)
Where Tethers come into play: Coinapult offers a service known as LOCK where you lock the value in usd of your bitcoins in order to hedge against fluctuations. The Author has evidence and is sure that Coinapult, to "protect" the value in usd of the coins (bitcoins & dash) its LOCK feature users deposit, simply converts them into Tethers but claims instead that deposits are insured by CryptoCapital. The author also notes that Coinapult's Bitcoin price feed is taken from Bitfinex which proves they are converting them into tethers (also run by Bitfinex).
How/Why Tethers are printed: Coinapult offers its LOCK feature to Mycelium and a DASH wallet. People who deposit bitcoins/dash coins with Mycelium and decide to LOCK the value of their investments in USD trigger the issuance of fresh tether tokens (through Coinapult and Cryptocapital). Beware that these people think they are insured by Cryptocapital but all cryptocapital does to insure them is to convert their coins into "Tethers". This makes particular sense if you think that only a couple of weeks ago a bitfinex employee commented in a Tether thread saying "what if tethers are bought with other cryptos".
Coinapult also works with Safello, an exchange with a dozen thousand users, and with DASH wallet(s).
Important Note: The Author points out how Coinapult went from being b2c (business-to-consumer) to a b2b entity (business-to-business) since the release of its lock feature. This means that Coinapult only works with businesses. In other words it offers its service to Safello and Mycelium in bulk, it doesn't deal with users individually.
Roger Ver: The Author is suspicious that Roger knows about Coinapult & CryptoCapital (Roger is an investor in Coinapult), the Tether mechanism used to "LOCK" bitcoin/dash holdings, and converted his 40k BTC into BCH to get out of the loop. The Author thinks so because Kraken (an exchange where Ver was an early investor) did business in the past with the Cryptocapital and because Ver has a stake in Safello so must be aware of the LOCK feature integration. The Author also mentions Roger's "somewhat confused" reaction when asked about Tethers in his recent AMA. In other words, the Author says Roger knows more than he says and this is one of the reasons he got out of bitcoin.
Author's Conclusion: If in a market crash the millionaires using the LOCK feature of Coinapult head over Coinapult to claim the locked value of their investments, they are probably not going to back the initial value (because they have been converted into tethers and not all tethers are backed by usd) but can hope at most to get back the initial coins they deposited. Also this can happen only if the coins have been kept safely in Bitfinex's vaults (bitfinex issues Tethers to Coinapult/Cryptocapital)
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George Gammon - YouTube CAUTION TO BITCOIN BULLS!!! WHATS NEXT FOR BTC!? Crypto TA price prediction, analysis, news, trading, tristorio com 100% scam site proof(2020) Coinapult Locks en Español Bitcoin ATM $ value vs Crypto currency exchange!

Stream EB32 – Ira Miller & Freya Stevens: Coinapult, Locks and Letting the Bit Drop by Epicenter from desktop or your mobile device Coinapult is Bitcoin wallet known for its “Locks” feature that allows users to peg the value of bitcoins to other assets, like dollars, gold, or silver. History. Coinapult was founded by Erik Voorhees and Ira Miller in 2012. The company was the first to allow Bitcoin wallet functions through email and SMS. Locks . Coinapult Locks allow users to deposit bitcoins and lock in the value to ... EspañolIra Miller is CEO of Coinapult, a bitcoin-wallet service that provides price stability and makes bitcoin’s volatility “optional.”It allows users to lock their money in by tying it to ... Regal Assets-Regal Wallet has the best ratings profile of the three Bitcoin IRA companies as well as of all the 60+ Gold IRA companies and bullion dealers we reviewed. Over the course of a three year period Regal has had a handful of complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and they have deservedly earned an A+ rating . Regal Wallet is the digital assets account sales and storage service provided by the renowned Regal Assets. They started this originally Bitcoin IRA service back in 2017 in an effort to help clients take advantage of another up and coming alternative asset class in their Self Directed IRA accounts. The company has long been the American and international leader of the Gold IRA universe.

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George Gammon - YouTube

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